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Environment Development Program & CSR
  1. Environmental Development (BL) is a development program of social community condition by BUMN (State Owned Enterprises) through the utilization of BUMN fund charged directly into the company operating expenses.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a program of social and environmental responsibility of the company operations or the company's commitment to build a better life quality together with stakeholders, the local community. CSR program is sustainably integrated with Company business activities by upholding the principles of good business practices, economic justice, social justice and environmental justice.

The Environmental Development and CSR activities are including:

  1. Infrastructure Development and/or public facilities support.
  2. Education and Training and Sports support.
  3. Religious Facilities Support
  4. Health & Social Support
  5. Environmental Programs (Tourism, Culture, Natural Conservation and Natural Disaster)

Environmental Program (BL) is commonly carried out in the form of donations/contributions funded from the Company's income provision. The provisions include: natural disaster relief, education, training, health improvement, public facilities/infrastructure development, religion facility and natural preservation.The Company actively provides assistance to the victims of natural disasters such as in Cianjur, West Java and Padang, West Sumatra implemented
through coordination with similar activities initiated by the Company as part of the BUMN Care movement.

In religion aspect, our BL program is carried out in the form of religion facility development, such as mosque, which aims to give ease local community in performing religious activity.

In the education sector, the Company helps build two new buildings of Bangka Belitung University, and the submission of Timah Polytechnic Manufacturing (Polman) to the Bangka Belitung Government, followed by the promotion of status to be state polytechnic institution. Although it has been handed over to the local government, we continue to support the operational activity as our responsibility to ensure education quality for the better Timah Polman. In addition, we also conduct the excellent class program in State Senior High School I Pemali and we are also active in Central Language Improvement (CLI) Program, a program intended for Bangka Belitung students to improve their English communication skill.

In the health sector, the Company provides oral health ambulances to the Health Department of Bangka Belitung, which later will be used to conduct socialization of the importance of oral health, given the relatively high level of tooth decay in Bangka Belitung.
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