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Environment Management

As one of world class tin mining company, we are required to not only provide high quality product but also implement environmental stewardship responsibility.

One of important footholds in Indonesia in an effort to raise environment awareness is the implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL) provisions, as requirements to be met by all businesses in doing economy activity to achieve sustainable development. All businesses are required to comply with the provisions of the prevailing regulations and environmental standards.

To ensure the implementation of environment management runs effectively, we realize that supervision is needed either by internal or independent party, based on ISO 14001 Environmental Management System obtained since 1997. We carry out mining activities by adhering to good mining practices and conducting post-mining land reclamation in effective and responsible way.

Mining activity is potential to change landscape and disrupt ecosystem. Therefore, we have been prioritizing on the environmental rehabilitation quality since the mining operation commencedespecially on post-mining to recover environmental condition. We also strictly regulate that mining activities can only be conducted in areas of Kuasa Pertambangan (KP) mining rights and outside the protected forest zone.

We are also developing an industrial plant forest (HTI) concept by providing productive type of plant for community to cultivate, such as rubber tree with excellent quality. The excellent type of plant is chosen in reclamation implementation in order to reap the benefit within relatively short period, around 5-6 years after cultivation. The implementation of HTI concept is expected to raise awareness among community to preserve the forest with the help of fertilizer supply and other equipments by the Company.

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