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February 08 ,2018
PT Timah & Polda Babel Go Green Land former Mine
PT TIMAH Tbk together with the Provincial Police of Bangka Belitung Islands today, Thursday, February 8, 2018, resumed reclamation cooperation in Dusun Air Kuning, Bencah Village, Air Gegas Subdistrict, South Bangka Regency. The activities carried out in an area of 2.5 hectares is a continuation of the pilot project of PT TIMAH with Polda Babel in Bhabinkamtibmas Go Green program. Participate in this diligent Babel Police Chief Brig (Pol) Syaiful Zachri and other senior officers of Babel Police.

In his speech, President Director of PT TIMAH Tbk Mochtar Riza Pahlevi Tabrani said the reclamation cooperation is part of the Company's commitment as well as efforts to support government programs in improving self-sufficiency and food security.

"The types of plants to be planted in this vigorous plant are productive such as mango, rambutan matoa, longan, jamaja jamaica, and coconut hybrida," said Riza.

President Director of PT TIMAH hopes that this activity can build a community view that mining activities can be done sustainably, after which the mining activity can be continued with the management of productive crops in the mining area so that it is optimally beneficial.

"We hope that this event will support PT Timah's reclamation program and in the long run it will help improve the welfare and economy of the village," he said.

In accordance with the targets to be achieved in cooperation activities, PT TIMAH also involves the community in the process of planting and maintenance. Through this effort, it is expected to grow a sense of belonging and responsibility in maintaining the plant.

In the same program, a number of ex-mining areas in the Bangka Belitung area have also been planted by PT Timah and Polda. These areas include; Village Pengamun Bangka Regency, Dusun Air Benuang and Dusun Air Pangkol Bukit Kijang Village Pangkalan Baru District Central Bangka, Tanggok River Village Puput Village Parit Tiga Jebus Kabpaten West Bangka, Air Gang Village 1 Kab. Belitung Timur, and Dusun Air Merah Desa Badau of Belitung Regency.

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