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November 06 ,2017
Prime BPEA 2017, Tin Achieved Good Performance
BUMN Ekselen Forum (FEB) held the first SOE Performance Excellence Award 2017, PT Timah (Persero) Tbk awarded with the category of Good Performance with the highest score of 516.5. SOE Performance Excellence Award 2017 (BPEA) itself was initiated by SOEs Ekselen Forum this year. Which is nothing but an award to SOEs because it has worked hard to build competitiveness through the integration of various management systems to achieve certain excellence performance.

Differences BPEA compared with other awards event in the form of appreciation in the form of an Award Charter for Excellence Level Company, which is no other result of the assessment conducted by referring to the Criteria of Superior Performance Appraisal (KPKU) which has been established by the Ministry of SOEs since 2012. Initially followed only by 25 SOEs and now has been followed by 93 state-owned enterprises from a total of 109 BUMNs.

Deputy for Construction and Transportation Facilities and Facilities, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises Ahmad Bambang and the Directors of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) said FEB with the direction of the Ministry of SOEs is working hard to succeed the strategic target of the Ministry of SOEs.

"If there is no action how to convert OFI to AFI (Action For Improvement), which means yes only limited to paper only. So this assessment becomes of no benefit. We expect from each Company do not just finish in Awarding course. Please see and assure management that its OFI can be followed up to AFI and that will make us even better, "said Ahmad.

BPEA 2017 gives awards to 51 SOEs that have been rated as having the Excellence Level Band at a minimum of Good Performance. There are 33 SOEs awarded with the predicate Good Performance, 14 SOEs with predicate Emerging Industry Leader and 4 SOEs with predicate Industry Leader. All of these are selected from 96 SOEs that have been assessed by the KPKU Assessor Team and who have followed the entire assessment assistance process by the SOEs Ekselen Forum.

As information BPEA 2017 confer award to 51 SOEs that are considered to have Excellence Level Band minimum Good Performance. Counted 33 SOEs got the predicate Good Performance, 14 SOEs with the predicate Emerging Industry Leader and 4 SOEs with predicate Industry Leader.

"Since 2012 BNI has applied the criteria of superior performance assessment of SOEs in a good and consistent manner so as to improve its performance. We hope that with the award ceremony in BUMN Performance Excellence Award 2017 will be able to encourage superior performance and mutual sustainability for BNI and for other state-owned companies, "said Director of Compliance & Corporate Risk Imam Budi Sarjito. in the opening of BPEA, at the head office of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, (6/10/17).

To note, the concept of KPKU is adopted and adapted from MBCfPE (Malcolm Baldrige Criteria Performance Excellent), which is the Business Excellence Model built on the Global Best Practice of the world's best companies. This concept is developed and managed by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), the United States Government and has been adopted by various countries in the world. (Ai / Rls)

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