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Tin Solder

Plant Facilities
Timah Solder is produced by PT Tambang Timah, as a subsidiary company of PT Timah (Persero) Tbk. In the year 2009 PT Timah (Persero) Tbk decided to expand to the downstream industry to enhance the value added of the tin metal. On the first half of 2009, the company has finished installing the equipments and supporting facilities in Kundur Island. The production prototype is done in the first half year of 2009 and all being exported to China. 
The Smelting, Refining and Casting of tin products and Manufacture of Tin Solder activities in PT Tambang Timah (PT TT) has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 by SGS. Besides China, the company has also introduced its products to Vietnam, India, Singapore and domestic markets. Moreover, market potential has also come from Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan and Japan. 
The Solder plant factories has two line of separate productions, which are lead Free Solder and Lead Tin Solder productions with total capacity of 2,100 Mton/year. Nowadays are still produced in forms of Solder Wire and Solder Bar and being patented as TIMAH SOLDER.
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Solder Product


     Lead Free Solder Wire            Solder Bar           Lead Tin Solder Wire

Quality Management

The main raw material for solder bars and wires is Kundur Tin Brand, which is registered at the LME (London metal Exchange) and the KLTM (Kuala Lumpur Tin Market) 
Testing towards alloy and RoHS composition is done in SGS independent laboratory; we are committed to ensure a high quality products and services output meets the needs and expectations of our customers. 
Our Quality Management system was certified by SGS as conforming to requirements of ISO 9001:2008. 
PT Timah has also have the license of Lead Free Solder from lowa State University, hence can sell solders with SnAgCu composition legally. 
Focus on customers satisfaction with continual improvement, we exclusively equipped our facilities with the latest technology : Chemical composition and impurities analysis devices, flux analysis devices, R&D devices to develop our solder and flux.

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1. Name : Ilham Agung Andriadi
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2. Name : Donatus Widiyanto
  Position : Marketing Executive
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3. Pemasaran    
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  Website : www.timah.com

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